IT SuperGrads Programme 2017

Dublin, Ireland   Graduate Placement
  IT, Communications and Software
Salary:  30k to 35k


Job Description

One of the fastest growing IT services companies in Western Europe, delivering market-leading IT Consulting, Solutions and Managed Services. Version 1 has doubled both profitability and revenue over the last few years, while at the same time delivering consistent improvement in customer satisfaction and world-class employee engagement.
One of the key initiatives here in Version 1 is to build something special that our employees are proud about working here. This initiative focuses on three key areas that we feel contribute to making Version 1 a special place to work, they are to be Value’s Driven Organisation, Best Workplace and to do so by giving something back to the local and global communities that we live and work in.
Version 1 has a 900+ strong team across the UK and Ireland focused on proving that IT can make a real difference to our customers’ businesses. Our team provide solutions and services that have been designed to meet the specific requirements of a wide range of organisations across commercial, public and financial sectors.
We have built a unique business model of balancing Staff Engagement, Customer Satisfaction and Profitability to ensure that each stakeholder gets the best from Version 1. This results in a great workplace with satisfied customers and high profitability. Our graduate programme contributes to all three sides of this triangle and delivers added value to the business, our customers and ensures that graduates have the best possible start to their career.

Job Objectives

To become a successful IT Consultant in Version 1, we will provide you with phased exposure to the full software/consulting development life cycle.

This will include:

• IT consulting - You will be trained to consult with our customers to gain a better understanding of their technical requirements across projects. This opens up opportunities to work with various highly skilled IT project teams including business analysts, system architects, developers and testers.

• Technical - You will be mentored to develop high quality functional and technical specifications. With the guidance of our experienced IT Consultants, you can work across the design and development phases of our IT projects. This opens up further potential to fine tune your skills, as you collaborate with creative and innovative technical teams.

• Cross functional team work – You will be trained to deliver superb quality work across coding, testing, deployment and documentation. You will consult with our internal test, development and deployment teams, (as well as our customers own IT departments). You will make sure projects go live on time and be driven to deliver quality work that really “wows” our customers and inspires those around you.

• Continue learning & developing - You will be given detailed training in our processes, and across industry best practices and methodologies. You will be continually exposed to new ideas, challenged and encouraged to succeed.

Skills Required

Qualifications & Experience
• BSc degree in Computer Science/Computer/ Systems Engineering or Information Technology or equivalent
• We will also consider those who have completed IT conversion courses with a strong focus on either development or infrastructure.
• Prior technology-related internship experience is preferred
• Hands-on technical experience in application development, databases and/or networking
• Ability to break down and creatively solve problems
• Flexible and adaptable at applying skills to different situations
• Desire to work in an IT Consultancy

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